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We'd like to thank you all beyond words. To our family, friends, and dogs: you made this better, and we would never even want to be able to do it without you.

This EP is a sign of things to come. Thank you for your support.


released November 17, 2015

Recorded by Jonathan Mondragón in our basements during the summer of 2015.

Mixed and mastered by Luke Otwell.

All artwork created by the dapper Ryan Underwood.

Joey Agliata: vocals, guitars
Kyle Burns: guitars
Isaias Hernandez: drums
Jonathan Mondragón: keys, aux, guitars
Constantin Roman: baritone



all rights reserved


Enhasa Chicago, Illinois

We play the ocean through amperage

Water summons wind

Wind makes fire dance!

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Track Name: Vermilion (Motion Repeating)
Range of light:
motion repeating
A cadence slips from our labored breathing
Saw the spectrum expectedly leaning
toward vermilion, staring
at the ceiling

From the red end of the spectrum,
who lets the violet in?

In the night coruscating light blinds our way
To architects, they-who-hold-credence-

"Take me down to where we can tear the walls apart."
Track Name: Oddsmaker
I get lost waiting on that light
Filters from above
Defy our spectrum

I get tired waiting on those odds
To weigh in our favor
Rescind our made love

Still I want to explore you:
all trenches and dunes.

(Come undone, spired,
come again.)
Track Name: Interlunar
Lie me down,
feed me to the mouth of the river
Interlunar, oceans of light
separate us
between two points
does light permit deliverance?

Form a firmament,
Nothing is permanent.
From the firmament,
Nothing here is permanent.