From Forest Green

by Enhasa

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released June 20, 2016


constantin roman - bass, synths/aux
isaias hernandez - drums
kyle burns - guitars
joey agliata - vocals/words, guitars

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in the spring of 2016 by the lovely John Duray in a dank basement in the west suburbs.

Album art and design by Ryan Underwood.

Cover photo by Jim Vondruska.

Special thanks to Snort, Bishop, Jonathan Mondragón, and Colin Mosely for the constant support.

Thanks for listening.



all rights reserved


Enhasa Chicago, Illinois

We play the ocean through amperage

Water summons wind

Wind makes fire dance!

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Track Name: Lionhearted
Return now
to the Earth that bore us
Make no mistake
I'll wait here beside the bedrock
and I can take its place
When time stops
I won't mind at all
Do I fit a timeline?
Do I leave behind the green world that just divests us,
leaves us on our own?

To think I was restless, pacing around while she was gone
While keeping our secrets safe for far too long
Now a young a cadence fails to get me to sing
As our roots were pulled, split apart at the seams
No groundwater left,
keep me where you think ivy always deserves to be.

left a light on.
Track Name: Light, Permit Me
Hang on to the pines
(grow) while you're still mine
Before that fall-apart
A mother's arms will grow tired still
Under the water we had fault
The weight was too much; our ocean skin would touch.

Light, permit me to be everything luminous,
everything transitory.

Oh, Love, did you come hard enough for you to want me to stay? Because I don't know what to do with this sorrow that I sing to you to borrow your strength.
Maybe we were born from a heavier time
The world I thought was mine caved in,
turned on its side.
If only we had met years down the line at a neighbor's wedding, a show, or a dive
We'd say that we were fine, but we'd know each other is lying because we had talked all that shit about all those who settle.
Ancestry carved these lines into my face
Resemblance can come to to all those who wait.

But I am not my father's war;
I'm not the land my family was working toward.

Hold still and I will move you.
I will move through you,
and I will move.
Track Name: Viridian
Teach me how to sing in forest green.
From new, cerulean blood
Days and dust
Only youth could be my reliquary.

Time tells me I needed to feel it all:
I was the child whose colors you let run
in hopes that one day I may return to you.
No green or brown could ever keep you around.

Don't go, light;
I'm still so far behind

In old viridian, the waves move slowly now.
I keep my breath held so water could rise.
I could never tell where we began to wane
I'm flailing in the morning
You're disarmed with the dawn.

Faded-away green
I've seen those shades in dreams.